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enbreeze is a young team of dedicated engineers who want to push ahead energy transformation in the area of decentralized energy supply with the development and production of small wind turbines. From the originally, in the framework of a diploma thesis, developed idea became over the years an innovative, sophisticated plant technology, which is installed in the current 15 kW enbreeze small wind energy system. With a hub height of 22 meters, a rotor diameter of 11.5 m and a cut-in wind speed of 2.5 m/s the enbreeze small wind energy system is ideal for economical operation at low wind sites. The system features a mechanical control system, aerodynamically improved rotor blades and a customisable design. The target group of enbreeze 15 KW wind turbine includes public institutions, municipalities, medium-sized enterprises, agricultural companies as well as research and teaching facilities, which like to generate local and emission-free power by themselves.

enbreeze GmbH was founded in the year 2011 in Cologne and is an affiliate of Elpro GmbH since 2014. In this context, the headquarters moved to Berlin and in 2015 the first prototype of enbreeze turbine built on the area of Berliner Stadtreinigung at the Nordring Berlin. Currently, the company has eleven employees. For further information, see www.enbreeze.com

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