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ENERTRAG Operation is the partner when it comes to the legally secure and technically smooth operation of energy generation plants in the renewable energy sector. The basis for this is our many years of experience, qualified employees and accredited procedures and processes. They enable us to operate our customers' 1,072 wind turbines profitably and efficiently – from six locations throughout Europe.

Due to the heterogeneity of our plant fleet, we have the relevant know-how to evaluate and test different types of plants for their performance. Our customers assemble their service package modularly from our broad portfolio.

Inspections and tests: "Healthy" systems are important, because only flawless PV and wind turbines run longer, safely and yield. For each operator, these are the requirements they meet when searching for a trusted service provider. ENERTRAG Betrieb wants to meet these requirements with the inspection body accredited by the DAkkS and implements with qualified specialists necessary and optional inspections and tests, such as recurring tests (WKP), condition-oriented tests (ZOP), DGUV V3 tests, rotor blade inspections or further operation tests (BPW).

Operational management: For us, this means transparent and comparable reporting, ongoing revenue optimization and targeted maintenance. These include our 24/7 control room in three-shift operation, effective operational management and reliable commercial management, as well as risk assessments (GBU) and audits.

PowerSystem: The PowerSystem is designed for the optimized operation and networking of renewable energy systems and is used in operational management for exact billing and minute-by-minute remote control. Since there was no suitable solution on the market in 1999, ENERTRAG developed them in-house. Since then, the software has been continuously adapted and improved to the changing framework conditions and requirements. The goal of lean and transparent processes was achieved, among other things, by a high degree of automation. Meanwhile, a team of 26 IT specialists optimizes the PowerSystem monthly according to current requirements of law and market.

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