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In the used wind turbine market we can see a worldwide movement towards used wind turbines. In the used wind turbine market it is difficult to see which products will suite your needs the best. In the range of 50kW up to 1.5MW BS green has proven that there is a market for all types of turbines. For example: with the used turbines of Vestas, Enercon, Nordtank, Nordex, Bonus, Tacke etc. we have gained a high number of experience of these highly proven technologies. Therefore it is important for you to have a competent partner.

As a whole seller of used wind turbines we concentrate on our core competence. Besides our core competences we have experience in the development and selling of new and existing wind parks.

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Предложения для продажи ветровых турбин

Дата Производители Модель Количество Бюджет Страна
11/03/2017 Vestas V47/660 1 Германия
25/02/2020 NEG Micon 1 Германия
01/02/2018 Vestas V80/2000 1 Германия

Бывшие в употреблении ветроэнергетические установки

Дата Производители Модель Количество Бюджет Страна
19/05/2020 Vestas V90/2000 10 Германия
22/02/2018 Enercon E70/2300 1 Германия