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    Sönke-Nissen-Koog 58
    25821 Reußenköge

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German Expertise in wind energy – since 1989. Being based in Reußenkögen in Northern Germany we are the co-founders of community energy parks. Thanks to our longstanding experience and drive towards innovation for optimal wind-based energy generation, Dirkshof is one of the most recognized service providers for wind energy.

The planning, erection as well as providing technical and economic services is still our key competence. We care for the energy revolution's long-term development: Therefore we conduct our own researches and develop our own products. If needed, we also offer the service of repowering your wind farm and bringing used wind turbines to market.

Design your wind farm: professional, sustainable, honest and acceptable. Count on our products in order to create wind energy projects with regional and trans-regional value as well as long-lasting acceptance.

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