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The companies of 8.2 Group e.V. offer our clients comprehensive consulting services in the field of renewable energies and carry out technical inspections for wind, photovoltaic, CHP plants as well as electrical grids / grid integration. In addition, our customers also receive support in the HSE sector with a wide range of services.

Within just a few years, a complete network of independent experts has been established since the first 8.2 engineering company was founded in 1995. Today, a total of 34 engineering offices with more than 130 experts are working nationally and internationally under the roof of 8.2 Group e.V., including many specialists from various fields such as glass fiber composites, vibration analysis, video endoscopy, condition monitoring, rotor blade control by rope access technology and foundation control.

Our 8.2 expertise:
• In-depth knowledge of all turbine types > over 40,000 turbines inspected
• Due Diligence for more than 15 GW On-/Offshore worldwide
• More than 4 GWp PV projects
• More than 20 years of experience in the field of CHP technology with biomass and biogas
• Risk-oriented design reviews for various turbine types (on-/offshore)
• Lifetime extension of wind turbines > 1 000 expert opinions prepared
• Damage and value assessments
• Grid connection expertise
• Operational optimization
• Consulting services
• Technical assessments
• Asset inspections throughout the entire life cycle
• Audits & Manufacturing Monitoring
• Commissioning supervision
• Condition Monitoring (online/offline)

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