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P. E. Concepts – thinking engineering

We are a dynamic team of engineers from different fields of expertise. We solve the problems of our customers with commitment and passion. Our core competences are civil and mechanical engineering and anything revolving around structures, loads and simulation. We work with 30 colleagues located in Essen, Bremen and Hamburg.

Since 2002, we have acted in the field of wind energy, but we also feel at home in classical steel and concrete construction and mechanical engineering. We especially like those challenges where someone else is out of ideas.

An excerpt from our services in wind energy at a glance:

Lifetime extension of wind turbines – we are familiar with standards, loads and structures and get the most out of old wind turbines:

• Site assessment and turbulence calculation

• Simulation and evaluation of structural components (analytical part of the lifetime extension assessment)

• Cooperation with strong partners for the practical part of the lifetime extension assessment and the assessment report

• Design of future-oriented and economical solutions for tower and foundation – from concept to manufacturing drawing

• Design of mechanical and structural components – from detail design to entire wind turbines

Software solutions in engineering – we know where it is possible to increase efficiency in simulation and analysis and offer solutions for that purpose, such as our load simulation management software PE-Load

We consider ourselves to be problem solvers. We approach the ever-changing challenges facing us with agility and creativity. We want to spearhead the technical development in our core competences and thus create added value for our customers. To continuously improve our services, we conduct research projects together with partners in industry and science. We are also part of different standard committees and working groups to be able to closely follow new developments and let the industry participate in our knowledge as well.

We strive to work according to our ideals and values despite the oftentimes volatile market environments in which we move. We work with a solution-oriented attitude and reliably and live collegiality and professionality at all levels. A high quality of service and smooth external and internal communication are key for the sustainable success of a business. Our certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 is an important building block to ensure this.

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