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INIKTI is your full scope partner in wind energy market. Our company works in wind energy industry since 2003 with various project sizes in all countries and regions 24/7. Our service team has all the needed certificates and always follows the rules and requirements. We value long time partnerships, professionalism and apply highest standards in every phase of the project.

We are looking for partners to achieve great results in the following areas:

- Purchasing used wind turbines;
- Dismantling wind turbines;
- Provide maintenance services for your turbines;
- Build roads, Install foundation and erect wind turbines;
- Carry out construction management;
- Transportation of wind turbines;
- Inspect Rotor Blades;

Let's discuss and find best possible way to cooperate.

Фотографии & видео

  • Dismantling 5xEnercon E66 in The Netherland
  • Team in Norway
  • Site from sky
  • Erection of a wind turbine
  • Site from sky
  • Repowering project of 7 Enercon E66
  • Site from sky
  • Vestas turbine in action



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